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Rotary Cutters

Model XH600Model S150/S100
Model S70Model XH1500/XH1000
Model V1280Model 3020
Model F14Model 5026


Model XH600 Click here for Photo of XH600

Proven in the roughest conditions these cutters have the quality and strength required to handle all your cutting work, from heavy brush cutting to mowing grass. Gearboxes, and blade assemblies are the same proven designs used on Schulte's larger commercial cutters. These machines whether pull type or rear mounted are designed to work in the roughest terrain while still doing a super cutting job. Schulte has the right combination of hitch options, guarding options, tire options and blade options to best configure your XH600 to suit your cutting requirements and budget.

Cutting width72"
Overall width79"
Overall length148" (trailing hitch kit)
Overall length112" (3-point hitch kit)
Cutting height2 - 15"
Transport clearance14" (trailing hitch kit)
Weight (approximate)1610 lbs. (trailing hitch kit)
Weight (approximate)1340 lbs. (3-point hitch kit)
Cutting capacity4" diameter material
Minimum tractor hp45
Blade tip speed15,268 ft/min
Gear box rating120 hp

1. Trailing hitch kit or 3-point hitch kit
2. Safety chain and steel shield options
3. Solid laminated tire or pneumatic tire options
4. Blade options



Model S70

The S70 is built tough with the size and strength you require to handle demanding jobs. On close inspection you will discover many quality and performance features that make it the best value mower in its class. Built at least five ways better than any other mower of its type this tough cutter will cut anything up to 2" brush. Additional blades are available to enhance shredding performance.

A super clean deck surface is easily swept clean to prevent rusting. As well, continuous welded seams add strength and also hinders rust formation.

Cutting width84"
Overall width91"
Overall length, pull type161"
Overall length, 3-point123"
Cutting height2" to 16"
Ground clearance14"
Weight, pull type1825 lbs. (maximum)
Weight, 3-point1500 lbs. (maximum)
Cutting capacity2" material
Minimum tractor size 
3-point hitch type55 hp
Pull type35 hp
Blade tip speed169 mph (14,850 ft/min)
Spindle speed675 rpm
Gearcase rating120 hp
Side skirt depth10.4"
Deck thickness.135" (10GA)
Skirt thickness.179" (7GA)
3-point hitchCAT 2 or 3
CAT 2 or 3 quick hitch
Drive line protection4 plate slip clutch
Blade holderSpun formed round pan
(stump jumper)

1. Double chain curtain
2. Single front chains
3. Rear steel bands
4. Solid laminated tires
5. Pneumatic tires
6. Shredder blades



Model V1280 click here for photo of V1280

Designed from the ground up for mowing in citrus groves! The patented design features a small 22" center blade assembly that allows the unit to make a close cut, even in deep furrows. Individual slip clutches are provided for each blade set, allowing one set of blades to stop while the others keep rotating. This arrangement greatly reduces drive line shock loads. A spring counterbalance system combined with a large trailing skid help the machine clear obstructions without damage.

Cutting width152"
Overall width159"
Overall length182"
Cutting height1-1/2 to 13"
Transport clearance13"
Overall transport width104"
Overall transport height82"
Shipping weight, wet3509 lbs.
Hitch weight, transport1298 lbs.
Cutting capacity2" diameter material
Minimum tractor hp60
Blade tip speed, 540 rpm 
Wings783 rpm-15, 268 ft/min
Center2430 rpm-13,995 ft/min
Wing working range-8° down to 25° up
Blade overlap7"

Model F14

The F14 is designed tough for shredding stalks but also does a great job of general purpose cutting. The lower blade is available two ways: a standard blade or an updraft type to enhance general cutting performance. A drive arrangement that includes a rugged 180 hp, four shaft, divider gearbox and three 130 hp spindle drive gearboxes allows the use of slip clutches on each blade set, eliminating the need for timed blades.

Cutting width166"
Overall width177" (maximum)
Overall length, 3-point127"
Cutting height1-3/4 to 11"
Weight, lift type3260 lbs. (approximate)
Cutting capacity2" material
Minimum tractor size110 hp (3-point hitch lift type)
Blade tip speed174 mph-15,320 ft/min
Spindle speed1000 rpm
Gearcase ratings at 1000 rpm180 hp, divider
 130 hp, blade carrier
Side skirt depth12
Deck thickness.135" (10GA)
Skirt thickness.250"
3-point hitchCAT 2 or 3 quick hitch
Drive line protectionSlip clutches on each blade set
Shredder kit12 free swinging, 1/2 X 4
 7 stationary, 3/8 X 4

1. Single chain curtain
2. Shredder blade sets
3. Hydraulic lift cylinder kit
4. Additional castor wheel arms (2)


Model S150/S100

Schulte' S150/S100 Cutters feature superior cutting performance, the flexibility to handle uneven terrain and rugged construction with continuous welded 3/16" decks. The S150/S100 is proof that Schulte makes top quality affordable.

Specifications S150S100
Cutting width 180"126"
Overall width 190"136"
Overall length 196"196"
Transport width below wing tires 96"90"
Transport height 84"84"
Deck thickness 7GA (3/16")7GA (3/16")
Approximate weight 4400 lbs.3800 lbs.
Minimum tractor hp 65 hp50 hp
Recommended hp 85 hp75 hp
Cutting height  1 1/2" - 15"1 1/2" - 15"
Ground clearance 13 1/2"13 1/2"
Cutting capacity 2" material2" material
Blade overlap 6"6"
Divider gearbox rating 160 hp160 hp
Wing gearbox rating 110 hp110 hp
Blade speed, 540 rpm   
Center 810 rpm-15,268 ft/min 
Wing 940 rpm-15,458 ft/min 
Blade speed, 1000 rpm   
Center 800 rpm-15,707 ft/min 
Wing 954 rpm-15,707 ft/min 
Wing working range 24° down to 85° up 

1. Solid or pneumatic tire kits
2. Single or double safety chains
3. Rear rubber shields with forward chains
4. Hydraulic phasing cylinder kit
5. Manual winch kit
6. Spool valve kit
7. Shredder blade kit
8. 1000 rpm drive package

Model XH1500/XH1000 Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3

Schulte's XH1500/XH1000 Series 2 cutters are the best engineered cutters available with many exclusive quality and performance features. Your best choice for demanding farm, county, rural municipality and highway maintenance work.

Specifications XH1500XH1000
Cutting width 180"126"
Overall width 190"136"
Overall length 189"189"
Transport width below tires 96"90"
Transport height 84"84"
Deck thickness 7GA (3/16")7GA (3/16")
Approximate weight 4800 lbs.4200 lbs.
Minimum tractor hp 65 hp50 hp
Recommended hp 85 hp75 hp
Cutting height  1 1/2" - 15"1 1/2" - 15"
Ground clearance 13 1/2"13 1/2"
Cutting capacity 3 1/2" material3 1/2" material
Blade overlap 6 1/2"6 1/2"
Divider gearbox rating 180 hp180 hp
Center/Wing gearbox rating 120 hp120 hp
Blade speed, 540 rpm   
Center 810 rpm-15,268 ft/min 
Wing 940 rpm-14,765 ft/min 
Blade speed, 1000 rpm   
Center 800 rpm-15,079 ft/min 
Wing 954 rpm-14,985 ft/min 
Wing working range 25° down to 85° up 

1. Double safety chains
2. Hydraulic phasing cylinder kit
3. Towing hitch kit
4. Manual winch kit
5. Spool valve kit
6. Shredder blade kit
7. 1000 rpm drive package

Model 3020

Power delivery is handled by specially designed 220 hp divider box with 50° output shaft angles instead of the more common 40° angle, allowing the use of wing drive shafts that are no longer than on a 15' machine. These short drive shafts are not subject to the vibration related problems usually encountered on competitive machines.

The unique drive line results in a frame arrangement with the center blade set at the rear and the wing blades set forward resulting in a flat front on all three frame sections. This design produces a higher cutting rate than on conventional delta wing designs since most material is no being held down by the frame or chain curtain at the time it contacts the blades.

Cutting width 240"
Overall width 247" maximum
Overall length 220" maximum
Cutting height 1 1/2" - 15"
Transport width 121"
Transport height 108"
Shipping weight, wet 6000 lbs.
Hitch weight, transport 2450 lbs.
Cutting capacity 2" material
Minimum tractor hp 100
Gearcase ratings at 1000 rpm 220 hp (divider)
130 hp (blade carrier)
Tractor hydraulics 2 double acting, 1750 psi
Blade rpm and tip speeds  
Center 730 rpm-16,053 ft/min
Wing 720 rpm-15,834 ft/min
Blade overlap 6"
Side band depth 11-1/4"
Working range of wings 18° down to 60° up
intermittent operation to 85° up

1. Single forward chains
2. Rear rubber shields
3. Double chains front and rear
4. Pneumatic tires (2) 11L-15, (2) 9.5L-15
5. Aircraft tires (6)
6. Shredder blade kit (includes 6 flat blades and extended blade bolts)


Model 5026 Photo 1 Photo 2

The Schulte 5026 with a cutting width of 26' 2" is the widest rotary cutter available today. It is designed to cut everything from light brush to crop residue such as corn stalks, wheat stubble and cotton stalks. Special blade sets are available to enhance chopping action. This machine is ideal for cutting crops like sweet clover for incorporation as green manure.

Cutting width 314"
Overall width 321"
Overall length 205"
Cutting height 1" - 14"
Transport clearance 13"
Overall transport width  114" to 135"
Overall transport height 148"
Shipping weight, wet 6800 lbs.
Hitch weight, transport 2400 lbs.
Cutting capacity 2" diameter material
Minimum tractor hp 120
Tractor hydraulics 2 double acting circuits, 1750 psi
Blade rpm and tip speeds  
Wing outer 974 rpm-15,300 ft/min
Wing inner 812 rpm-15,300 ft/min
Center 800 rpm-15,079 ft/min
Working range of wings 15° down to 45° up
Blade overlap 6" center to wing, 5" wing

1. Shredder blade kit consisting of 10 additional blades and extended blade bolts.

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