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Model 5026

The Schulte 5026 with a cutting width of 26' 2" is the widest rotary cutter available today. It is designed to cut everything from light brush to crop residue such as corn stalks, wheat stubble and cotton stalks. Special blade sets are available to enhance chopping action. This machine is ideal for cutting crops like sweet clover for incorporation as green manure.

Cutting width 314"
Overall width 321"
Overall length 205"
Cutting height 1" - 14"
Transport clearance 13"
Overall transport width  114" to 135"
Overall transport height 148"
Shipping weight, wet 6800 lbs.
Hitch weight, transport 2400 lbs.
Cutting capacity 2" diameter material
Minimum tractor hp 120
Tractor hydraulics 2 double acting circuits, 1750 psi
Blade rpm and tip speeds  
Wing outer 974 rpm-15,300 ft/min
Wing inner 812 rpm-15,300 ft/min
Center 800 rpm-15,079 ft/min
Working range of wings 15° down to 45° up
Blade overlap 6" center to wing, 5" wing

1. Shredder blade kit consisting of 10 additional blades and extended blade bolts.