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Model V1280

Designed from the ground up for mowing in citrus groves! The patented design features a small 22" center blade assembly that allows the unit to make a close cut, even in deep furrows. Individual slip clutches are provided for each blade set, allowing one set of blades to stop while the others keep rotating. This arrangement greatly reduces drive line shock loads. A spring counterbalance system combined with a large trailing skid help the machine clear obstructions without damage.

Cutting width152"
Overall width159"
Overall length182"
Cutting height1-1/2 to 13"
Transport clearance13"
Overall transport width104"
Overall transport height82"
Shipping weight, wet3509 lbs.
Hitch weight, transport1298 lbs.
Cutting capacity2" diameter material
Minimum tractor hp60
Blade tip speed, 540 rpm 
Wings783 rpm-15, 268 ft/min
Center2430 rpm-13,995 ft/min
Wing working range-8° down to 25° up
Blade overlap